Message to Bitcoin Plus users

Between September 5th and September 6th 2018 all users of Bitcoin Plus with an available balance were sent the following email:

You are receiving this message because you have a Bitcoin Plus account.

At long last, Bitcoin Plus is shutting down. If you have a balance, please withdraw it before the end of the year. After that, you will no longer be able to access your account or withdraw your balance and the domain will be sold (add your email to domain for sale to be notified when that happens).

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The long version:

Bitcoin Plus started in 2011, back when CPU mining was still possible, to make it easy for anyone to mine bitcoin just by visiting a website.

It quickly grew, gaining hundreds of thousands of user registrations (though with a much smaller portion of them sticking around to mine any amount of bitcoin at all, no doubt due to the rapidly rising hash difficulty).

As CPU mining rapidly became infeasible for bitcoin, and my motivation to work on the website fading, it fell in to disrepair. Servers ran out of disk space, things stopped working, and I stopped maintaining it. This meant that people were unable to withdraw the bitcoin they had earned.

As time went on and the value of bitcoin grew, the value of their balances grew too. Top users who had what used to be a few cents worth of bitcoin now have tens or hundreds of dollars worth (when Bitcoin Plus first started, BTC was trading around $1. At the moment it's more than 7000x that).

I had always intended to get the website working again in some capacity, if only to allow withdrawals. I kept on procrastinating, a little bit at a time, ignoring the occasional complaint I got from people who contacted me to find out how much they had and request payment. I can't change what I did, all I can say is that I'm sorry.

I can also say that I finally have the website running again so that users can withdraw their balances.

There have been several forks of bitcoin that have happened since Bitcoin Plus started. I will attempt to pay out for all of the forks that have value, meaning all of the forks that are listed on (as long as I can extract the coins for those forks and get a wallet working).

Once again, I'm sorry for the multi-year delay.