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You are generating bitcoin for Brad m. If you like, you can generate for yourself, or send a link like this so your friends generate for you.

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Step 1: Click "Start Generating"
Step 2: Wait while your computer works (leave this page open)
Step 3: Earn bitcoin

It's that easy. Want the explanation? Read how bitcoin works, but click "Start Generating" first so you'll earn bitcoin while you read.

New: The bitcoin miner for websites is available.

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Can I use multiple computers to generate bitcoin

Absolutely. You can use as many computers as you like, all signed in to the same account, in order to generate bitcoin faster.

What does the speed mean?

The speed is how many times per second you are trying to generate a payout. A payout happens around every 4 billion tries.
The "Estimated time per payout" is the average time it will take you to generate a payout based on your average speed.

Will this slow down my computer?

No. The bitcoin generator only uses your spare computing time. It runs at a low priority, so if you start using other applications, it will get out of the way so that your other applications won't slow down. Try it - you should find that your computer is just as fast (or slow) as it normally is.

Do I need to keep this page open to generate bitcoin?

Yes. Your computer will only be generating bitcoin as long as you keep this page open.

I generated a payout in 5 minutes but it says it takes 2.5 hours. How did that happen?

Payouts are essentially random. It's like a lottery that happens millions of times per second, where you get an entry for every calculation you perform. In your case, you got lucky and a got a payout quickly.

Why does the payout change? Do you take a cut?

The bitcoin network adjusts the difficulty of the puzzle approximately every 2 weeks. This means it takes more computing power to get the same payout. However, instead of taking longer and longer to generate a payout on this page, I keep the difficulty the same, but adjust the payout. Yes, I do take a small fee of 3%, to keep the site going (and make a little bit of money).

I'm close to generating a payout, will I lose my progress if I turn off my computer?

No. The progress bar is an estimated progress. In reality, it's impossible to determine how long it will take to generate a payout since they are random. Try to have your computer generating all the time, but remember you won't lose your progress when you turn off your computer or stop generating.